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Why we created JolieMD?

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As facial plastic surgeons working in Beverly Hills we were constantly seeing women of every ethnicity who presented unsatisfied with their skin, looking for answers.  And having spent a lot of time looking at all the various prescription and over-the-counter brands available, we genuinely felt that we could create a better skin care system.

So while creating a better skin care system we kept forefront in our minds:

  1. It had to work– First and foremost, as doctors (and facial plastic surgeons) we researched  to find ingredients that had real science showing how they worked, what effect they had, and what concentration was required to make them work
  2. It had to be simple to use– today’s women simply do not have the time for a 6 step process that takes 15 minutes in the morning and again at night
  3. It had to address all women’s most pressing concerns- acne, wrinkles, red and brown spots
  4. It had to be for women of all ethnicities– as facial plastic surgeons who are constantly working above and below the skin, we saw that women of different ethnicities have far more in common than most people believe. And there are too many women who are concerned that the available products “were not made for them.”  So we wanted to make sure people know that JolieMD was “made for you”
  5. It had to be beautiful– We wanted to create a new style of doctor’s skin care- driven like plastic surgery with an eye toward everything aesthetic:  We wanted glamour, beauty, fashion. It had to look, smell and feel beautiful.

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The result of this process is JolieMD’s Metamorphosis, our exclusive, new skincare line created for women of all ethnicities. Transformative in every way- it provides a simple method for brighter, healthier skin, without a prescription.

For more info www.joliemd.com

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