Feb 12

Women, Plastic Surgery, And Ms. Natasha Singer

We wanted to draw attention to one of the recent articles from Natasha Singer, a writer for the NY Times. We often find that her articles are very well informed and, unlike much of what we read about plastic surgery, are researched and well thought out.

In her most recent article, she draws attention to a self help book entitled “How Not to Look Old” by Charla Krupp. Interestingly, Ms. Singer points out that the book “offers a serious rationale for such vigilant attempts at age control, arguing that trying to pass for younger is not so much a matter of sexual allure as of job security.” In other words, she reports that women are increasingly turning toward plastic surgery in order to camouflage their age due to fears that they may otherwise not be able to get or keep a job.

According to the book jacket, “Looking hip is not just about vanity anymore, it’s critical to every woman’s personal and financial survival.”

Ms Singer argues that the success of the book indicates that popular culture is willing to buy into ageism as an acceptable form of prejudice.

We encourage people to read the article which goes on to connect everything from the book to Rush Limbaugh and Hillary Clinton to studies from MIT and Boston College regarding women and ageism.


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